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Some Compelling Reasons You Should Have Travel Insurance
“Sure”, you think,… “just a Travel Agent trying to pad my bill for an already expensive trip to the Caribbean with my wife and four kids.”
So many travelers think they should save the cost of Travel Insurance.  Don’t be one of them!  If need be, spend a bit less on some other aspect of your trip if your budget is that tight.  But DO NOT say no to the Travel Insurance!  Read on to find out why this coverage is so critical to being completely relaxed about that trip of a lifetime.

Alicia and I were only in the travel business a few years when we took a short cruise to the Bahamas.  A week stay in that tropical paradise was enough for us to know we wanted this Travel Lifestyle forever.  But this short trip was over, and we got the shuttle bus from the Cruise Port to our hotel for a relaxing evening in Ft Lauderdale before we were to have our last seafood dinner at a favorite restaurant near the hotel.

As we came into the hotel lobby feeling all that tired contentment and peace you feel when you have been totally relaxed and insulated from day to day worries and distractions, we saw 3 middle aged couples who had just been dropped off by another shuttle bus from the Cruise Port.  We greeted them, expecting they would be feeling the same euphoria we were experiencing.  Instead we saw that all six of them were extremely angry, and in varying stages of despair.Several of the women were close to tears. Our hearts went out to them and, as Travel Agents, we wondered out loud why their trip had gone so poorly for each of them.  Soon their story unfolded to reveal that they had left New York City on an early morning flight with connections to bring them into Ft Lauderdale in time to get to the Port for their cruise ship to whisk them off to a week of joy filled celebration together!  Only, their flights were not all on schedule due to bad weather in the Northeast and they got to Fort Lauderdale just a bit too late!  Their cruise ship had already set sail!
Definitely a bummer to have planned a trip for a year in advance, recruited other couples to go with you, bought new outfits for the beach and the formal nights on the ship, worked on that basic tan for two weeks prior so you wouldn’t burn, packed and unpacked and packed again with heightened excitement about the trip to come…then THIS!  WE MISSED THE SHIP”S DEPARTURE!  Oh,my.
Alicia and I tried to console them and we suggested that they could fly to meet the ship at the first Port of Call.  Dumbfounded,they looked at us with incredulity.  Then we asked the 64 THOUSAND DOLLAR QUESTION…”Uh you did buy Travel Insurance, right?”   “No!”, they replied collectively.  We could hardly contain our own tears at this point, as we thought these poor people could have been some of our own  clients who had stubbornly refused to include Travel Insurance with their booking.  Alicia and I made a commitment then and there to ensure every one of our clients was covered by insurance for their expensive travel bookings!  There are reputable travel insurance companies such as: Allianz Global, AIG/Travel Guard and Travelex.  
Here are several ways Travel Insurance will protect you;
1.  If a major storm prevents you from arriving at the Port on time or causes the cancellation of a scheduled cruise you are covered and can recover your pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs.
2. If you were to incur medical expenses from accident or illness abroad, your expenses can be covered and reimbursed by your Travel Insurance.
3. If a cruise ship departure is missed due to late airlines connections or weather, you can be covered for the price of a one-way air ticket to the next port of call and be taken aboard the cruise ship there.
4.  If you have a death in the family, illness or accident which prevents you from departing on your trip at all, you may be covered for any non-reimbursable costs.
5.  If you have an illness or accident abroad and you must be evacuated for proper medical care, you may be covered for the cost of airfare to return to the US.
So, the next big trip you take outside the US or the next time you are taking a cruise of more than 3 days, please be certain you have the proper Travel Insurance in place.  It’s really a small price to pay to have the peace of mind that you and your family are covered in emergency!  We will help you choose the insurance protection that best suits your travel needs.

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